easel.jpgHello, I'm Gavin. My passion in life is painting. I think its fun trying to make the next painting better than the last. I love the 'Ah-Hah!' moment when I work out how to achieve the affect I want to achieve and I like light and its effects

After some eyesight problems I really appreciate vision – its great! and I love detail and texture because I missed it when my eyes couldn't make it out. In some ways painting is enjoying what I've seen, I hope I make the most of looking.

My website at www.mundyart.co.uk displays my work and a little about me, This blog is more about what goes on behind the scenes, thoughts on art, and what I'm up to when I'm not painting. I'll even give some tips and secrets for those that want do stuff like me. My Facebook page and this will probably converge at times.

I am known for diverse subject matter in my paintings and maybe this blog will also go some way to help describe how and why I go from one subject to another. In my mind there is usually a connection or a reason linked to what I last did or a reaction 'against' it.